Monday, August 3, 2009

The Netherlands

The Netherlands was only about a 2-hour drive from where we were staying in Germany, so we decided to make a day trip of it, since we had never been before. We visited a small, southern section of the NL. It was very clean and tidy there, with lovely, brick-housed neighborhoods with immaculate yards, and there were bikes everywhere!

We went to a bakery (of course!) and a grocery store first. The bakery said that these mini-pies were their specialty, baked from scratch right there. I got a cherry-almond one, and my husband got an apple-cinnamon. My kids tried cherry turnovers and sugared donuts.

Then we took a picnic to a park, and spent a few hours there. There was a large petting zoo, canals, a small playground, and an old castle wall. After the park, we visited a beautiful castle that was in excellent condition.

We finished up our visit with some stroopwafels- these things are so, so, good! I wished we had bought more than just that one package.
On the way home, we drove to the border of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. It was also the highest point in the Netherlands.

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Sonya said...

Stroopwaffels are the best!! I send them home to all my friends and family back home and they always beg for more..that and dutch that is some amazingly good chocolate to bake with. Let me know if you ever want more of those and I will happily send you some:)

There are so many beautiful things to see here. Next week we are going to the Venice of the netherlands. It's a small water village where you can take a boat and drive through it. Then it opens up into a larger lake where you can swim and relax.

What A Dish! said...

I forgot about Dutch cocoa-darn it, I didn't even look for it! Maybe sometime I'll take you up on your offer for sending stroopwafels. ;)

That "little Venice" town sounds so nice! Have fun there!

Linda said...

Living vicariously again--how neat and clean and beautiful it is there. Those stroopwafels look delish, and I'm so proud you chose cherry for your mini-pie--that's exactly what I would pick!