Monday, November 16, 2009

New Life in November

The other day, in a park, we saw these bright-green plants shooting up from under a thick layer of dead, fallen leaves on the ground. They are a from a kind of bulb; I'm not sure what they are. It was so cool to see this new life coming up in the midst of the dead fall leaves.


Sonya said...

Thats so pretty!! everything is so dead over here now..the leaves wich were once so pretty to look at are now dirty and wet and all over the

I tried to leave a comment on your Artichoke Dip but the comment button is gone. Im going to make this looks sooo good! I love artichokes!

What A Dish! said...

That's the trouble with pretty fall leaves!

Sorry about that comment thing; I was messing around and accidentaly made it so nobody could leave comments on that post or the one before it. I can't fix it, either! I love that artichoke dip. Too much.

Linda said...

I wanted to comment on your artichoke dip too, but I just saved it instead. I love that it doesn't look oily like some I have made!

Your bulbs among the dead leaves is great!!