Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Restaurant on the Island

These pictures are over 3 months old!  We went here for lunch one day when my mom was visiting us.  (I mention this place here.)  We love this place- it's usually expensive (I think the most expensive place on the island), but every weekday during lunch, they offer a 9 Euro special that includes soup, roll, drink, main dish choice of meat or fish, and dessert.  (If you're local and don't know which restaurant this is, ask me!)
On this particular visit, my husband chose the meat (1st photo).  I know it was some kind of beef and I've forgotten more than that.  It was served with broccolini (baby broccoli) and I think a butter sauce or something?  It was really good though!  The soup of the day (above), was creamy vegetable and SO GOOD!  I wish I could have it again... like right now.

My mom and I chose the fish special of the day.  One nice thing about this restaurant is that their fish is always a fillet- they told me there is never any bones in their fish, and none of that "whole fish on your plate, staring at you with wide, creepy eyes" business.  So I always feel safe ordering the fish here, which is more than I can say for any other place on the island.  I've accidentally eaten fish guts here once... I'm still not over that.  And the fish here is ALWAYS delicious.  Cooked to perfection. 

The first time we visited this place was on my last birthday.  My husband and I both got the salmon and it was so good- seared perfectly and resting on top of a bed of quinoa with sauteed veggies.  I bought some quinoa so I could re-create that but haven't gotten around to it yet. 

Anyway, the fish my mom and I ordered back in March was Espada Preto, a large, black, SUPER creepy-looking, deep sea fish with a mouth full of fangs.  Or at least they look like fangs. It is a tasty fish though!  It came on a bed or rice (that was actually seasoned- something rare in restaurants here), covered with a light lemon sauce and a nice hearty serving of broccoli on the side.  Everything was done to perfection, not over or under-done. 
The desserts here are always unique.  Well, I've only been here three times.  But the time we went with my mom was my favorite of all the times we've gone.  It was a light Mango Mousse, garnished with fresh mint, chopped red grapes, and fresh pineapple.  (Below.)  I LOVED it!  I actually am planning to make it myself..... sometime in the future. 

Maybe I'll get a chance to go again soon... this restaurant is delicious, classy, and has a very friendly wait-staff.  It is extremely popular so it fills up fast and can get loud, but it's so worth it!  We've brought our baby with us every time we've been and they are very accomodating and even have a high chair.  :) 
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