Saturday, August 1, 2009

German Food

**We are back from our vacation now, but bear with me as I play catch-up to showcase some of the things we did on our trip to mainland Europe.**I finally managed to take a photo of some schnitzel, actually, we got pics of it at two different restaurants. On almost every menu in Germany, there are a few different kinds of schnitzel. My fave is the rahmschnitzel, or schnitzel with cream sauce (photo below). Another good one is pfeffer schnitzel- schnitzel with a pepper/cream sauce. (Photo above, with spätzle on the side- so, SO good!).
Every time we ordered a schnitzel, it came with a wonderful green salad, and the restaurant's own sweet/tangy dressing, many times made with yogurt. (That drink in the background looks like beer, but isn't. For us non-alchohol drinking folk, a yummy German drink is apfelsaftschorle; apple juice mixed with sparkling water.)
At one restaurant, my daughter ordered a kleine (small) plate of käsespätzle. Spätzle is mixed with cheese, sauteed onions, and ham. This was soooo good, and super rich. And this plate was not very kleine! (I made a homemade version of this a while ago, but I didn't use a recipe and didn't really know what I was doing; it tasted like nothing compared to this!)
We were always too stuffed in restaurants to order dessert, but we did have our share of Germany pastries at other occasions. No wonder I came away from Germany with a little extra poundage!!

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Sonya said...

Dang it, I left a comment under my husbands name and deleted it! LOL ok here is what I said: The food looks soooooo yummie there. I heard the portions were like american sized ones. I need to go there and eat sometime. Right now we are hooked on Doner Kebabs that we buy over there for 2,50. They are super cheap and huge. Im glad you had fun on your trip:)

What A Dish! said...

Sonya, the portions are indeed huge at restaurants there! The first pic actually contains 2 big schnitzels. And, we love doner kebabs! They are everywhere in Germany and that's what we ate one of our last nights there. Pics to come of those, too, probably! In Germany they are like 4 euros though- 2,50 is cheap!

Linda said...

Lord have mercy, that looks SO good! I would have lots of extra poundage. ;) I had no idea there were so many kinds of schnitzel. I think I'd like them all.

Glad you made it back!

Sonya said...

You must pay more for Doners because of being in a large city. We go right over the border into germany and buy them for 2,50. In the netherlands they are around 4 aswell.