Monday, June 15, 2009

Omelette with Fresh Eggs

Last week, we went and visited our neighbors down the street (we brought cookies!). They own quite a bit of land and showed us around. They have a beautiful horse, and a goat, along with ducks, chickens, and a few random turkeys. The chickens produce some lovely organic eggs, and our neighbors were nice enough to share some with us. :D I was so excited when they gave them to me, they probably thought I was wierd! The yolks are a brilliant orange. They're beautiful, and they taste wonderful too.

A few days ago, I made an omelette using the eggs, and some local spicy cheese (called Queijo Vaquinha Picante). I added some chopped green onion and halved baby cherry tomatoes. The omelette was so rich and flavorful that I could only eat half- it would have been perfect to split with someone! (I had already made my husband his own). But it was really, really yummy, and the eggs made it a brilliant yellow color. We also had fresh-squeezed orange juice that morning. ;)
My Huge Omelette

3 eggs
splash of milk
salt and pepper, to taste
a few thin slices of your favorite cheese
snipped fresh green onions or chives
handful of baby cherry tomatoes, halved
cooking spray or butter

Heat a small skillet over medium heat with cooking spray or butter added. In a bowl, mix eggs, milk, salt and pepper. When pan is hot, add egg mixture. Add green onions to wet egg mixture. Let cook until set on bottom- add cheese and let melt. Fold omelette over on itself (in half) and cook until cheese is melted to your liking. Slide onto plate, and top with cherry tomatoes and a few extra green onion slices.

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Linda said...

Dishy, that pic is making my mouth water--what a beautiful color! Aren't "real" eggs the Bomb?

The cheese looks delish too. When you say spicy, does it have peppers in it?

What A Dish! said...

Linda, I'm not sure- it just says "picante" on the ingredient list.