Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attack of the Mutant Alien Cow

This started out as an innocent little project- I thought that it would be fun to make a cute cow cake for my little guy having a birthday. (BTW, there are a ton of cute cake ideas on the Family Fun Website. ) I've made a few of these types of cakes before, but this one was by far the hardest one, mainly due to frosting spreadablity problems. It was really frustrating, but I finally got it all together, and then put the akward mouth and nose on. I used Whoppers for the eyes.

Right when I finished the face, the phone rang. I went upstairs to talk, and after 15 minutes, realized I hadn't heard from my little guy the whole time. I went downstairs, and he had a stool pulled up to the counter, and was leisurely poking and prodding at his cake, adding more Whoppers to random places. The poor cow ended up with about 6 Whopper eyes, but I couldn't really remove them without messing the cake up even more, so I just left them.

Now the poor cow cake is even wierder looking, but at least it's tasty, and the birthday boy seemed to like it. He didn't actually eat any.... he was too busy playing with new toys. My kids don't seem to actually eat their birthday cake until they're 4 or 5. Oh well, the rest of us enjoyed it!
(I'm kinda scared this cake might end up on that sad/wierd/scary cakes-gone-wrong blog!)

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Sonya said...

I'm laughing so hard..the lips on that cow are so awesome! LOL You are so brave for even attempting this..I have seen the cakes on that website and love them but can never bring myself to do it.

Honesly I think it's an awesome looking cake:D

What A Dish! said...

Lol, thanks! I was supposed to use a certain kind of candy for the lips, but of course couldn't get it over here, so I had to improvise! Ha ha. It kinda looks like a "Far Side" cow.

HoneyB said...

LOL, Oh Dish, if you hadn't said I wouldn't have KNOWN! LOL I thought the two smaller dots (obviously the nose) were the eyes when I looked at it - then I read what you had to say and realized it wasn't! I still think it is GREAT!

LadyJayPee said...

I love the idea of a "Far Side" cow. You should just say that was your intent all along! :-)))

What A Dish! said...

Lol JP- good idea!

HoneyB- Dh also thought that the nose was the eyes, and he said the malted milk balls looked like "hair"!

Anonymous said...

This was just darling! What a sweet mommy you are :)

Linda said...

I love it, Dishy! Justy is just creative. ;)