Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Men at Work- Azores Style

You'll have to excuse the slight grainy-ness of this photo; I was undercover, tyring to shoot pics of these guys without them noticing.  I was also zoomed all the way in on my little point-and-shoot. 

I really wanted to get this shot; this photo captures something my husband and I see and discuss often.  Over here in the Azores, they do road construction all the time.  There are actually times where it seems that they'll tear up a perfectly fine road, just to re-pave it.  I'm not sure if it's an empolyment program or what.  Other times, there are roads so awful that you bounce up and down as you drive down them, and those ones never get fixed.  It's a real mystery. 

Anyway, every time you see men working on the roads here, there is ALWAYS one (or sometimes two) guys working, with 2-4 (or more) men just watching the poor guy who is working.  I don't think I've ever not seen this situation when I noticed road work.  It is hilarious.  Often, the men who are watching are smoking a cigarette and/or leaning on a shovel.  In the picture above, we have both going on.  I'm having a hard time not laughing out loud right now.  :) 

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Linda said...

BWAHAHAH! We have the very same rules in Oklahoma. ;)

Sonya said...

You know whats funny..I NEVER see this in the netherlands! there is only like one or two people and they are both working..also there are no flaggers. You need to watch out for yourself when there is construction or they put up a light that you need to stop for and then go again when it turns green.

My husband also thought it was odd how he would see so many workers just standing around in the U.S...he ws right because here you dont see any of that..lol Your workers dress better and look better than ours though..LOL

Stacy said...

My husband commented on the same phenomenon when we were in Greece and Italy. After that, we went to Croatia where everyone seemed to get up early to start working on some useful project. It was definitely a contrast!