Sunday, April 25, 2010

Death of a Peep

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa L for the fun Easter packages!  The kids loved them.  Unfortunately, a few of the peeps didn't make it... my husband got ahold of them and decided to have some fun, roasting them over our gas stove.  My brother and parents were visiting at the time, and my brother got really into it, too. 

I thougth the Peeps had a strange chemical taste when roasted, but others seemed to like them.  I had the idea to make a Peep S'More, which is what we did with some of them- everything is better with melted chocolate on top!!  "Recipe" is included below!!  :) 

Peep S'more

1 whole graham cracker, broken into 2 pieces
1 Peep, roasted over some kind of flame
few squares of chocolate

Place the roasted peep on a graham cracker half, and cover with chocolate, and then the other graham cracker half. 

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Elly Rose said...

I am smiling really big. I can just see this. Thanks for sharing, now I am just laughing out loud. Peeps smore, wow.

Sonya said...

thats so I can not stand peeps! they always seem stale to me..but everyone in my family loves them. They dont sell peeps here so like you,I wait until someone mails me some:)

Sugar said...

How creative! I'm doing this with our leftover peeps now, thank you very much!