Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peanut Butter, Banana, & Oat Milkshake

This is another easy, healthy, and yummy recipe from Joy the Baker.  I made this for myself a few weeks ago as an afternoon snack and it was so good!  Since it was just a snack, I cut the reicpe in half.  I used pre-ground flax seeds and didn't bother to grind my oatmeal first.  I just let the blender grind that as much as it could.  My blender is not awesome or anything, so there were still a few tiny chunks or oatmeal, but it didn't bother me at all.  I plan on making this for breakfast soon, and sending my husband's portion with him in an insulated thermos. 

Go to Joy the Baker's blog to see her photos of this... mine look like muddy water compared to hers, lol!!  :)  But this is so good (and easy, healthy, etc) that I just had to put it on here.  Maybe I'll get a better picture next time I make it. 

Peanut Butter, Banana, & Oat Milkshake
adapted from Joy the Baker

2 cups cold almond milk (soy or cow's milk would also be delicious)
1 banana, peeled and cut into chunks (frozen is ideal)
1/4 cup peanut butter
1 heaping teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon flax seeds, ground into meal (I used pre-ground)
2 teaspoon old fashioned oats, ground fine*

1.  In a spice grinder, pulverize flax seeds and oats into a fine powder.  You can skip this if you use pre-ground flax seeds and don't mind some oatmeal pieces.

2.  In a blender combine almond milk, banana, peanut butter, honey, and ground flax and oats. Blend until no banana chunks remain, and the mixture is thoroughly incorporated. Pour into a glass and enjoy immediately.
*Use gluten-free oats if needed.
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