Monday, August 27, 2012


After leaving Missouri, we flew into Washington State.  We stayed there the longest, but visited Oregon during that trip, so I'll share those pics now.  The photo above was taken as we drove from Washington to Oregon along the Columbia River- I love that area. 
We always head to the Oregon coast via Banks and Tillamook Oregon, stopping at Gordon's Acres to pick some delicious blueberries.  We were lucky enough to get there on the very last day of U-picking for this season, yay!  I would have been SO sad if we had missed it- it's been 3 years since we've been there. 

We headed to Tillamook Cheese Factory next.  We sampled the cheese, looked at the factory, and got ice cream cones, of course.  We also bought some stuff to take with us.

Then we headed to the beach.  We stayed overnight in Seaside and loved it!  We've been there often but have never stayed overnight.  There were signs along the beaches about watching out for tsunami debris (click to make larger).  We did not see anything interesting, though.
I've always wanted to eat at Norma's in Seaside so we finally did it this summer.  All I wanted was some clam chowder and I got it.  It was very good!  My husband got a delicious crab melt that I'm going to try to re-create sometime soon.  My daughter also got the clam chowder, and my boys just got boring pasta.  (But it was beautiful too!)  Everything was really, really good. 

I love the Oregon coast and look forward to next time.  It was so cold there we had to buy sweatshirts for all the kids!  ;)  It was only 60 F the second day we were there.  It was a nice break from the central Washington heat!

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Sonya said...

Wow..Im so envious..I miss home so much! When the summers became to hot we would pile into the car and head for the coast becuase it was always cooler over there. We'd stop and get clam chowder and cheese bread. The Tillamook cheese factory was far from us but we went there once and I loved it.

I miss saltwater taffy and cheese flavored popcorn!

Linda said...

Your vacay sounds like a dream. I wish we had a Tillamook factory!

What a Dish! said...

We also got over a pound of saltwater taffy!! Linda, can you at least get Tillamook cheese where you are? I wish I could over here!