Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Washington State

We had a fine view of Mt. Rainier both flying into and out of Seattle.  It was so close to us- way closer than it looks here.  We stayed the longest in Washington State, this summer, going for a few days to Oregon and then eventually leaving to come home to our island. 

My baby turned one here!!  I made a half-recipe of Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Chocolate Glaze.  I put most of the batter into a loaf pan and baked him his own little smash cake in a bowl. Then I put a bit of glaze on that.  When he was presented with it, he did a face-plant into his little cake!  It was so cute. 

We stayed at my Aunt's house on the "dry" side of the State (meaning farms and sagebrush, not ocean and green forests).  They have a wonderful garden, and we ate from it almost everyday- tomatoes, corn on the cob, potatoes (even some purple ones!), strawberries, and zucchini.  We loved it.  Especially tomato sandwiches! 

Before flying home, we stayed overnight in Tacoma. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Trader Joe's!! I was able to get some stuff to take home with me, and some snacks for the plane.  I enjoyed these Chile Spiced Dried Mango pieces all to myself since nobody else wanted them, lol!!  After my mouth got too spicy-hot I cooled it down with some TJ's Fleur de Sel Caramels.  I love Trader Joe's!!

Driving alongside the Columbia River.  There are a ton of fruit tree orchards here.

Sunflowers before harvest.

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Tinamarie said...

Its amazing how close Rainier can seem! Glad you got to enjoy both sides of Washington. They both have so much to offer.

Linda said...

I can't believe he's one! That cake looks yummy. And the scenery is so beautiful.

Katie Richmond said...

You were in WA and you didn't come visit us? Oh, well--catch you next time!

Katie Richmond said...

P.S. I love T.J.'s, too. Spokane got one, but the closest for us is still Issaquah. Gotta stock up when you can, right? :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

What a Dish! said...

Sorry, Katie- we were so busy with family stuff like every night, and then the trip to Oregon, and we spent one whole day just at the dentist! We didn't even make it down to E-burg. And speaking of TJ's, when we lived in E-burg we'd go to the Issaquah one every few months and stock up- I still have fond memories of that! I saw that Spokane got one, maybe that means there is hope for more of them on the 'dry side'!! I really hope so!

Katie Richmond said...

I was just kidding (well, mostly--I miss you and would love to see you guys again!) Like I said, we'll catch you next time!