Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Street Bullfight

We were invited to another street bullfight about two weeks ago.  You can read more info about these bullfights here.  Basically they are an excuse to go see people, socialize, and eat good food.  The bull provides sporadic entertainment.  I feel really bad for the poor thing though; it's poked, prodded, and jeered at while it has to run up and down a street for 30 minutes.  (And they do this with 3 different bulls on the same night, one right after the other.)  This particular bull was like Ferdinand; he obviously did not want to fight and spent most of his time standing around.  Here are some photos.

I think this is the same guy from two years ago on my blog pics, lol!!!
I brought this almond tart and our hosts had a smoker going, with some delicious smoked meats to enjoy.  There was a ton of other food, too.  The eating and talking part was fun.  We did that for a few hours and only really watched one 30-minute session of the actual bull.  Our hosts are lucky enough to live near one of my fave ocean-front boardwalks, so I went down there with the hostess afterwards and took some photos.
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