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Steak on the Rock at Home

Steak on the Rock (at home)
We enjoy getting Steak on the Rock at a local restaurant here.  (Second pic down on that post.)  We bought the "rock" and the wooden board, etc from that restaurant to be able to make it ourselves, at home.  We've had this stuff for quite a while and finally got around to trying it out over a month ago.  I stuck those slabs of volcanic rock (at least that's what I think they are) in our cold oven and then turned it on as high as it could go for about 30 minutes before we went and quickly seared the steaks on the grill.  After removing the rock from the oven, you place the steak on it right away and it continues to cook to perfection. 
Steak on the Rock (at home)
We made three different flavored mayos to dip the steak into.  In the restaurant, they serve fries and salad on the side, but we made steamed broccoli and Parmesan Orzo.  You can make any kind of flavored mayo you want.  Some ideas:  Basil Garlic, Hot Curry, Garlic Lemon, Mustard Smoked Paprika, Lemon Mustard, etc.

Steak on the Rock at Home
adapted from a local restaurant

For each person:
1 steak (note: we used rib-eye steaks)
3-5 Tablespoons flavored mayo (ideas below)

1.  Place the rock (just the rock, not the wooden part) into your cold oven.  Then, heat the oven to the highest it will go for at least 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, pre-heat your outdoor grill.  When the grill is hot, quickly sear each steak for about 1 minute or less on each side; just to make grill marks; not to cook through.  (Note:  If you do not have a grill, just try this recipe and skip that step; it will most likely still work fine; just won't have those grill marks or that grill flavor.)

2.  Have the hot rocks ready and immediately place hot steaks onto hot rocks.  Bring to the table.  Steaks will continue to cook and sizzle.  Watch out for hot sizzling steak grease.  :)  Steak will be red or pink inside at first; the longer it sits on the rock, the more done it will become.  If desired, add red onion slices to cook on the rock with the steak juices; they taste amazing. 

3.  Serve with desired sides and flavored mayos.  It's best to make the mayo dips ahead of time and let chill until ready to use.  Ideas: Basil Garlic (Mayo + Fresh Chopped Basil + Fresh Minced Garlic).  Hot Curry (Mayo + Hot Curry Powder).  Garlic Lemon (Mayo + Fresh Minced Garlic + Fresh Lemon Zest).  Mustard Smoked Paprika (Mayo + Fave Mustard + Smoked Paprika).  Lemon Mustard (Mayo + Fresh Lemon Zest + Fave Mustard).  Be creative and make up your own flavors!

(To clean rock:  Do not use soap or detergent.  Just scrub really well and run under very warm water.  Allow to dry.  Same with the wooden tray.  The meat grease will "season" it with each use.)
Steak on the Rock (at home)
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