Monday, January 6, 2014

More School Lunch Ideas

Here are a few more school lunch ideas for kids.  I usually am just doing the same things now that I know they will eat, but these are from the last few months, and they are things all of the kid enjoy.  Pictured above is leftover pizza, which they love- some eat cold, and some warm it up in the school microwave.  I also included a napkin, a squeezable berry applesauce, a peeled clementine orange, and some Halloween candy (this was around Halloween, lol).  There's also a juicebox on the side there.  My kids have Land's End Lunchboxes and we use Easy Lunchboxes inside them.  
Pictured above: sharp cheddar cheese cubes with pretzels, applesauce cup, sliced mini cucumber, Kinder chocolate, drinkable yogurt.  You can cube the cheese the night before (or buy it pre-cubed if you live in the States- gasp!), and slice the cuke the night before too.  This was actually too much for my kids; they brought some of it home.
Pictured above: croissant from the bakery (I buy and freeze so they're fresh), cashews in a silicone baking cup, squeezable applesauce, mini Ritter sport chocolate, and drinkable (Watermelon!) yogurt.  
Pictured above: crackers and sliced sharp cheddar on the side, half of a banana (cover cut end in plastic wrap), squeezable applesauce, and birthday cake Oreos.  :)  

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