Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Siena, Italy

Spring Break was almost exactly a month ago.  I'm just getting to posting about this now, but we went to Tuscany for the first time!  My parents came to visit and we traveled down together.  We only did three days, so we didn't get a ton of time to explore, but we saw Siena, Florence, and Vinci (were Leonardo da Vinci was born), plus a ton of beautiful countryside.  I'll just share the pics from Siena today and do the rest of them in another post.  We just spent a few hours in Siena but enjoyed this beautiful Tuscan town.  (Above: gates of the city of Siena.  You can drive through them and parking is immediately to the right, I think.  Below, view of the city from where we parked.) PS: We were in Siena just one day after Rick Steves was!!!!  :D  Lol.

Siena main plaza, where they do the famous horse races.
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