Monday, August 17, 2015

Westport, Washington

For a week of our summer vacation we stayed in Westport, Washington.  We loved it!  It's a small fishing town on the WA coast.  We stayed within walking distance to the beach, and since Westport is small and non-touristy, we had it almost to ourselves some days.  It was awesome!  The beach is nice and flat and sandy and vast.  We went every day, even if it was raining.  Here are some pics from that week.  Above is a pic of some of the sand dollars we collected the very first day we were there. There were so many, even whole perfect ones, that we stopped collecting them after that first day. I've never seen a beach with so many!
This is the view off the porch at our rental house.  The street was quiet and peaceful, and the front yard was full of pine trees perfect for the kids to climb.  I ate breakfast out here every day.
My little guy walking to the beach the first day.  All of the kids loved going, even the walk there.
Horseback riders and their doggies on the beach.
The Westport Lighthouse.  Within easy walking distance of our vacation rental.  A great Greek restaurant is across the street!  ;)
Ready to follow the big kids on bikes on this awesome walking/biking path close to our vacation rental.  (The rental had bikes to borrow, as well!)  This walk provides an awesome view of the ocean the whole way, sometimes even surfers, and is well cared-for.
Dinner one night in our rental- we got fresh halibut and salmon from the docks.  We also had Caesar salad, corn on the cob (can't get that in Italy!), fresh watermelon, and Parmesan Orzo.
Cute little free library in a yard on "our" street.
Cranberry Bog!  One can't tour the Ocean Spray factory in Westport, so don't even try.  We learned the hard way, lol!
The last half of our stay was gorgeous and sunny.
All kinds of wild berries we found on a hike in the area.
One of many huge fishing boats at the docks in Westport.  Lots of good fish comes in through these docks!

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It looks like a beautiful spot!