Friday, October 3, 2008

Fish and Seafood!

Last night we tried out a restaurant that has been recommended to us by a few people. It was a fish and seafood place, and we were not disappointed. We arrived before it even opened; at 6:30 pm. They let us in, even though it opened at 7. Then, we were unsure what to order, so the owner took us back to this large glass case just full of fresh fish and seafood. It was brimming with swordfish, shrimp, baby squid, and tons of other fish. Also available were eels, octupus, and barnacles. I asked the owner what he recommended, and he suggested the swordfish. It came smothered in delicious sauteed onions. My husband chose a kabob of swordfish chunks, large shrimp, and fresh bell peppers. We both had boiled potatoes with our meal. I love the potatoes here. They are a waxy, firm type, and delicious with both fish and steak (another specialty here). My daughter chose a whitefish filet, and also had potatoes with her meal. The Portuguese always have a tasty, inexpensive veggie soup on the menu, and that is what my middle son usually gets. He pairs it with bread and it's one of his favorite meals.

Every meal starts with bread, butter, and a soft white cheese spread. The cheese is fun, but I prefer the butter. It's made right here on this island, and they are very proud of their butter. It is delicious!

We sat at a table right by large windows overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. The kids spent a lot of time looking outside. We could see a nearby peninsula, some fishing boats, a tiny beach and all kinds of water fowl. (Gotta love the water fowl!)


Carrie said...

I love hearing about all of your adventures - it sounds so gorgeous there!

Linda said...

What a beautiful post, Dishy, such a fun read--and I want summa that buttah!

What A Dish! said...

Lol Linda- I'll have to take more pics of the buttah for ya! That little pic was kind of an afterthought. :)