Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dry Hands and Burts Bees

It is so dry here in central Washington. It is not the rainy, green, forested land of wonder that many people associate with Washington State. Nope, that's the "Other Side"- meaning the Other Side of the Mountains. Over there, it is lush, green, and rainy. Over here, it is dry, brown, a little bit crusty at times, brown, dry, brown, dry.... you get the idea. I've never lived anywhere this dry before. (I have to say now that I'm not from this area, and have lived lots of places, but I'll save that to blog about another day.)

I've never been a lotion person. I hate the feel of it on my hands, mostly because it feels greasy and slimy. Then, if you try to do anything, like turn a door knob, or touch anything, you get everything all greasy. But my hands, mostly my knuckles, were dry, cracked, and even bleeding (just a little bit.... but it sounds really bad!) So I finally succumbed to the lotion pressure. People are dependant on lotion here- they have to be! So, I started using my hubby's Burts Bees products. Yep, his products. (Lol). He's really a manly man, but he still likes to be pampered a little bit. (Don't tell anyone). He has this "Burts Bee's Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme" that is the best stuff ever. It's not greasy, it really moisturizes, and best of all, it smells like almond extract! One of my fave extracts, by the way. ;) Sweet almond oil is the first ingredient, so you know you are getting your almond's worth. Har har har. I love this stuff, and I highly recommend it.

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