Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scone Fun!

Last month, I tried Lemon Blueberry Drop Scones from one of my fave recipe websites, I was very pleased with them. I had to make my normal changes of using half whole-wheat pastry flour, and since I didn't have lemon yogurt, I used vanilla, along with some pure lemon extract. They were almost too easy to make, and very yummy. Almost everyone thought so. My baby was very eager to try them, and kept messing up my photo shoot:

I have to write about stuff that happened this long ago because I've been sick forever, and so have all my kids. Well, we had a nice Valentine's Dinner. We had Greek Steaks, Greek Salad, and Lemon-Pepper Pasta. I made a delicious cake too. It was a Chocolate Velvet Cake with Butter Pecan Frosting, from Southern Living. If that's how they live in the South, it's probably a good thing I don't live there! Ha ha. But I really enjoyed it. So much so, that I forgot to even take any pics of it and then it was all gone. On this fateful Valentine's Day, I was wondering when to put the steaks on when my hubby called me because his car had died and I needed to go pick him up. That car is dead now. That happens when one forgets to check the oil, and put oil in. Don't let it happen to you!

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