Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Castle Ruins

Yesterday we went for a drive again. This time, we drove to an old castle we had heard about. We only really saw the outside, since the inside seemed to be a hotel. I know there's probably more of this castle to see, but we'll save that for another time. The small part we were able to see was still really cool. The kids had fun running around the ruins. This castle was built right on the edge of a cliff going down to the sea. A great spot for defense!

Part of the castle support going right down into the ocean.

After that, we drove around the city for a bit. And what would a drive in this city be without getting lost down the tiny, one-way streets?? It just wouldn't feel right! Of course, my husband insists that he was never lost, not even for a second. Ohhhkay!! I don't' think I could ever get tired of seeing/sharing these shots though... tiny, old cobble-stone paved, one-way streets.

Check out just how narrow those streets are!

We stopped at a grocery store and bought some "Massa Sovada" (Portuguese Sweetbread) rolls, and some sliced local cheese and ham and made sandwiches. We drove to a little park with an ocean view and had our lunch. I didn't take any pics of the actual food, but I am smitten with Massa Sovada and will surely have a few posts about that in the future!

Below is the view we had as we ate our lunch. Yesterday was a beautiful day; bright and sunny! Almost too bright, as we were sitting in this little park wishing for some shade. But I understand it rains very often in the fall and winter here, so I am appreciating any sun we do get!


LadyJayPee said...

How fun to explore a castle, Dish. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. It looks so charming and gorgeous there.

museu said...

Okay, your in paradise...we got it already!!! Eat some food for me.


Linda said...

The scenery is so breathtaking & I love those narrow streets. I look forward to some pictures of that bread!

Elly Rose said...

Hey, I finally figured out this so I could leave a comment.
Love the pictures. The island is so pretty. Glad you are enjoying it there. Give the kids and Hubby hugs for me
Elly Rose

Allie said...

Ooh, I love the castle...and my husband never admits being wrong also.