Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scenes From a Cafe

Ok, "Scenes from a Cafe" seems like it would depict some artsy cafe from Paris or something, and all of the artsy people inside. This post is just about some of the everyday things you'll see in cafes in Europe, but I find them photo-worthy. :D Actually, I only took pics of 3 things- I'll have to do another post later with more stuff. I'm still not used to people looking at me all wierd as I'm taking 50 close-up pics of the oil-and-vinegar set or the napkin holder. Orange Fanta. It comes in a glass bottle too, and I'll have to get a pic of that later. I know they have it in the States now, but it's not the same drink as they have here. For one thing, US Fanta contains no orange juice at all. I'm not a fan of that. Here, it's 7% OJ. I do not drink much soda at all, but once in a while I've been ordering Fanta when we eat out here, and I love it. When I lived in Spain, I loved it as well. According to Wiki, Spanish Fanta has 8% juice. Read more about good ol' Fanta here.

Little plastic napkin-holders with tiny, un-absorbable napkins inside. Even though the napkins are of no use, I love these napkin-holders. They are such a huge part of the Cafe Table Experience. The napkins in this particular holder say "Bom Apetite". They all have them, and they're different in almost every cafe. Where would we be without them?? I've even known some people to collect these guys. ;)

Here in Portugal, they always seem to bring you these Oil and Vinegar sets with your meal. I think they are quite attractive. I have a bottle of that same brand of olive oil right now, and I really like it. They love their roosters here. Here's a little story about that. "Galo" is "Rooster" in Portuguese.
Bom Apetite!

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