Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pink Fall Lilies

There are so many different kinds of beautiful flowers here in the Azores. There are different flowers for every season, too, so there are flowers to enjoy year-round. In the spring, the azaleas and cala lilies come out, followed by hydrangeas in summer, and aloe flowers and pointsettas in winter. But one of my very favorites is this pink lily that blooms in the early fall. They are everywhere- seeming to grow wild. They line almost every country roadside, growing by the cliffs and sea-side, some are planted in yards, and some are growing out of old, mossy stone walls, like the ones pictured above (and below). These flowers have a delicious smell- almost syrupy sweet and tropical. I love seeing them pop out everywhere at this time of year.

Many of the flowers of the Azores are not native- they were brought here by people long ago, but the favorable conditions here made them flourish, and spread.

I've tried to find some online info on these beauties. I did find a webpage last week, but for some reason I can't find it now. The jist of that info, though, was that these lilies originate from South Africa, and were brought by the Portuguese to the Azores, Spain, and Italy (among other places). In Spain, they call these "Girls going to school" because they bloom when school starts again after summer (around the end of September, which is when Portuguese go back to classes as well).
I've asked a few people what these are called, and nobody seems to know. :) I'd love to have these growing in my yard.

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Sonya said...

Wow how beautiful is that! I love the vibrant colors. Since moving to the netherlands I have also discovered so mnay different types of flowers! Im also amazed how much cheaper they are here too..I have always have flowers in the house to enjoy now!

Linda said...

Those remind me of the rain lilies that grew in Texas--they bloomed in fall, usually after a rain.

The photos are breath-taking.

Anonymous said...

The flower is called Amaryllis belladonna in latin. In common language I think they're simply called belladonna lilies.


What A Dish! said...

Pizza- thanks!