Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Portuguese Easter

Easter is a big holiday around here- there are many traditional celebrations and food items.  Here are just two I've noticed.  Pictured above are almond candies, or amêndoas.  There are many different kinds- most are chocolate-covered almonds. My fave are the white-chocolate covered almonds; on the left.  The light purple ones are almonds coated in milk chocolate, then a candy coating, kinda like a huge almond M&M.  The pastel ones in the back are coated with a very hard, thick, sugar coating.  No chocolate, and I didn't realize this when I bought them.... or I wouldn't have.  Ha ha.  This coating is like a jaw-breaker coating, and I can't stand them.  Oh well.  We'll have to find someone to give them away to.  :)

Pictured below is some massa sovada bread with a cute little egg baked right into the loaf.  These are everywhere here right now- you can buy them with multiple eggs baked in, too.  We haven't actually tried this bread yet; I think I'll make french toast with it tomorrow.  I'm not sure what we'll do with that egg!  :)  (BTW, I was disappointed to see that this bread has margarine instead of butter...come on!!  It's supposed to be rich with butter, not margarine!)
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Sonya said...

Oooh I want some of those chocolate covered almonds..yum yum!

Baking with margarine should be

Happy Easter..or Vrolijk Pasen as they say here(it means Merry Ester:)

sonharmuito said...

stumbled on your page and was super excited. child hood memories right there. i never like the almond candies but they were around every year. obrigada :D