Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Visit to Germany

We had a quick (just under a week) visit to Germany last week.  I didn't really take a lot of pictures, but I did take some pictures of food, so I thought I'd share those.  :)  We went out to a Konditorei for cakes and white hot chocolate on one afternoon- this quote from Wikipedia sums up what a Konditorei is.  "Konditorei is the German word for a pâtisserie and confectionery shop. A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany and Austria it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon. Cakes vary from cream cakes to apple strudel to petit fours."

The cake in the above picture was mine- it had many layers, with a kind of hazelnut cream in between, and some marzipan was in there somewhere, too.

Below is my son's cake.  It's a yellow cake with a red currant filling, topped with meringue.  As you can see, he just could not wait for me to finish taking my photo- he wanted to start eating right away!!

On the night we arrived in Germany, my mom had some homemade Lebkuchen waiting for us (below)- it was so good, and soft and chewy with a great flavor.  I bought the German baking book that contains the recipe, but I'm not sure I can get the correct ingredients here.  However, there are a ton of other sweets in there that I look forward to making. 

It was kind of sad coming home (especially because we had to clean our house when we got home- we left it in a sad state) but we look forward to our next trip to Germany!
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JelliDonut said...

I am swooning! This makes me miss Germany, although my butt doesn't miss all those delicious cakes, sausages, and beer!

What A Dish! said...

It's a magical place! :)

Anonymous said...

I am loving the Bandaid on his thumb!