Friday, September 2, 2011

Bathtub Cake

My little guy picked this cake out months ago, for his 5th birthday, which finally happened yesterday.  This is another cake from the Family Fun Website.  Check out that link for the full instructions.  The original method uses 2 full 9x13 cakes, but it was just our family eating this, so I cut the recipe in half.  I made one 9x13 cake out of my favorite pound cake recipe (it's sturdier for cutting, stacking, etc).  Then I cut that cake in half and stacked the two halves on top of each other. 
You cut a rectangle into the "naked" cake and scoop out a bathtub shape (careful to not go too deep- 1. 5 inches.  Again- refer to the original link above for more instructions).  You then frost the whole cake with white frosting and fill the "bathtub" part with blue jell-o.  They don't sell blue jell-o here, but they do have blue Kool-Aid, so I made my own Jell-O using blue Kool-Aid and gelatin.  Here's a recipe to make your own Jello from any fruit juice! (Um, or Kool-Aid.)  (Whisk the Jell-O halfway through chilling to give it some texture). 

Scoop the Jell-O into your bathtub, set some rubber duckies on top, and you're good to go!  All we had on hand were Super Hero rubber duckies from Oriental Trading, but it worked out.  This birthday cake was a success!  It was fun for the birthday boy to help make it, as well. 
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JelliDonut said...

What an adorable cake! Happy birthday to you little guy.

LadyJayPee said...

That is so CLEVER!

What A Dish! said...

Thanks, both of you! :)