Monday, September 26, 2011

Local Sightseeing

Here are some photos I took on our way to the Farmer's Market I talked about a few posts ago.  It's a beautiful drive, and it's always fun to see assorted farm animals in weird places, like the piggy, above, eating a field of old... something.... next to an abandoned house.  I got out of the car to take this pic and the pig, grunting noisily, started to approch me!  Scary!!  It might have snorted me to death. 

PS:  I wanted to make these pics larger, but then they over-lap my sidebar photos and look all messed up.  They really do look better larger... maybe click on them to get a better view.  Sorry about that!
Another type of architecture..... this pink house is one of my favorites here.  It's close to the ocean and that sea-side Farmer's Market.  Love the pink, palm trees, and bouganvilla!! 
People have to get the laundry done... even if it's raining.  I think that's an old barn in the background.
One of our fave drives.  Hills on the left, ocean on the right (although you can't see it... sorry).
The Farmer's Market town is also a major wine producer.  Vineyards grow between these stone walls.  The little house is a "wine house", used in the late summer for people staying there during the wine harvest.  They just had the big wine festival, but we didn't go.  I really want to go next year, though.
Looking down on a bunch of stone-wall vineyards and wine houses.

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LadyJayPee said...

I love that pig photo! :)

Lecia Dreyer said...

That pink house is awesome! What’s even more fascinating is that house was situated near the coastal area, and the Farmer’s Market. The owner must be extremely lucky to be staying in a relaxing place like that. The view of the vineyards are great, it’s both relaxing and breathtaking at the same time. Seeing these sights makes me want to have my own road trip and do some sightseeing, just as you did. =)