Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seaside Farmers Market

Baby Gala Apples- so cute.  And organic!
We just discovered a new-to-us famer's market in one of our favorite little seaside towns here (well really, what town is NOT seaside here?!  Ha ha ha!)  We hadn't ventured to this particular town for a little while, so I have no idea how long this little market has been going on, but what a gem!  I'm so glad we found it.  It's pretty small; just about 4 vendors right now (with room for more; I wonder if it was more full during the summer).  So, what can one get at a Farmer's Market in the Azores this time of year?

They called this fudge, but it had a crumbly, then melt-in-your mouth texture. One was chocolate, and one was a caramel-y peanut butter flavor. I thought they "didn't like" peanut butter here!!

These donuts are so delicious- they are HUGE and heavy and dense with a touch of cinnamon, and that delicious glaze just sends them over the top. 
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