Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creepy Halloween Food!

For the last little while, every time I'd see a cool Halloween-themed food I liked, I'd bookmark it in a special place.  I finally put some of those recipes to use this last Friday when we had a cool Halloween dinner with the kids.  Above are Slimy Worm Sandwiches.  We also had "Monster Eyes" deviled eggs, and "Creepy Fingers" string cheese.  (And some carrot sticks, since they're an orange veggie.  To drink we had orange Fanta). 

Slimy Worm Sandwiches

one package hot dogs (I used turkey)
rolls- one for each person
favorite barbecue sauce- about 1/2 cup or so

1.  Slice hotdogs length-wise into fourths.  Drop into boiling water and cook for about a minute.  Hotdogs will curl naturally. 

2.  Meanwhile, place barbecue sauce in the bottom of a large bowl.  With a slotted spoon, removed cooked (and curled) hot dogs and place them in the bowl.  Stir to coat hot dogs with sauce.  Serve on buns or rolls.

Monster Eyes Deviled Eggs
adapted from Allrecipes

12 eggs
1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish
1 tablespoon mayonnaise (or more)
1 pinch celery salt
1 tablespoon dijon mustard (or more)
2 drops green food coloring, or as needed
1 (6 ounce) can sliced black olives, drained (I used whole)
ketchup, if desired

1.  Place all of the eggs into a large pot so they can rest on the bottom in a single layer. Fill with just enough cold water to cover the eggs. Bring to a boil, then cover, remove from the heat and let stand for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse under cold water or add some ice to the water and let the eggs cool completely. Peel and slice in half lengthwise.               

2.  Remove the yolks from the eggs and place them in a bowl. Mix in the relish, mayonnaise, celery salt, mustard, and food coloring. Spoon this filling into the egg whites and place them on a serving tray. Round the top of the filling using the spoon. Place an olive slice on each yolk to create the center of the eye. Dab a tiny bit of mayonnaise in the center of the olive as a finishing touch.  If desired, make veins using ketchup and toothpicks.
Creepy Cheese Fingers

Mozzarella String Cheese
Whole Olives, cut in half
Mayo or cream cheese

1.  Wear plastic sandwich bags or plastic gloves to keep the cheese sticks from smudging when you handle them (if desired). Use a paring knife (adults only) to cut each string cheese in half. Carve a little shallow area for the fingernail - just below the rounded end of each half of the rounded side of the string cheese.

2.  Make joint marks with the paring knife just below the nail and more marks for the knuckle joint. You can do this by cutting out little horizontal wedges of the cheese.

3.  To make the fingernails, make a slight well at the tip of the finger.  Then, simply slice the olives in half and clip off the edges a little if desired.  Then, stick them in place by "gluing" them with tiny dabs of cream cheese or mayo.              
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The Postons said...

What great ideas! I'll have to bookmark them for next year, for sure.

LadyJayPee said...

I like those fingers best!

Meow Opre said...

I was looking for more Halloween Recipes and found your blog site. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some of these photos on my Pinterest boards. Thank you and keep sharing :D They look yummy than scary btw! Haha

What a Dish! said...

Go ahead and pin away! Glad you like them!