Monday, November 21, 2011

Goat Cheese Rounds for Salad

This is an idea I got from a cooking friend.  This is pretty much the only way I like goat cheese, but it's delicious this way!!  The outside is all crispy, and it's melty and warm on the inside- so good over a salad.  You can dip these rounds into any coating you choose.  This time around, I used a few different ones- Panko bread crumbs, Italian bread crumbs, and plain sesame seeds.  I think I liked the sesame seeds one the best, but the Panko ones were good too (pictured above is a Panko one; below are the rounds before sauteeing.  You can make these ahead- just get them ready and ready to sautee.  When ready to cook, just take them out of the fridge and sautee in hot olive oil).

Goat Cheese Rounds for Salad

4-8 oz goat cheese rounds (I use 4 oz. and get 6 rounds)
1 egg white
Panko or Italian bread crumbs for topping, OR sesame seeds
olive oil

1.  Cut goat cheese into rounds- make sure it is very cold.  It still might crumble.  Just press it back together with your hands- it is very easy to shape.

2.  Place crumbs or sesame seeds in a shallow bowl.  Beat egg white in another shallow bowl, and dip each round into egg white.  Then, dip the round into coating of choice.

3.  Heat olive oil to medium heat.  Sautee goat cheese rounds until browned on both sides.  Cast-iron works well for this!  :)  Let cool slightly, draining on paper towels, and serve as toppings for salads. 
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