Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dinosaur Eggs (for Easter)

Dino Eggs
Happy Easter!  We made these super-cool eggs last night.  I misread the directions on these; the colored vein-y lines are supposed to be very dark and pronounced.  I thought you were just supposed to lightly crack eggs and dye as usual, then refrigerate overnight.  Well, you are supposed to lightly crack the eggs, and then LEAVE them in the liquid dye overnight.  To see how they should have looked, go over to Our Best Bites.  They look amazing.  Oh well, this just gives us an excuse to do it again next year and do it right next time (then maybe update this post with new photos!)
Dino Eggs
The kids LOVED making these and even my one-year-old helped gently crack the eggs.  They also loved peeling them and seeing the designs.  The ones pictured here are the darkest ones; some of them were so faint there was hardly any color.  But that's all because we did it wrong! 

These made fun deviled eggs.  :)

Dinosaur Eggs
from Our Best Bites

hard-boiled eggs (brown eggs are fine for this!)
egg dye (can use this method using food coloring)

1.  Get a cup for each egg.  We like the little Ikea cups.  I'm not sure if Dixie cups would work, because they have to be left full of liquid overnight.  Either way, I'd put the cups into a 9x13 pan (if they all fit).  We do a dozen eggs.

2.  Gently crack each egg shell all over without breaking pieces off.  You can tap on the counter and then squeeze, or whatever way works for you.  Do not peel; just crack the shell all over.

3.  Fill the cups with dye according to package directions.  Submerge an egg in each cup, and place in a 9x13 pan.  Then, refrigerate the eggs in their cups of dye overnight.  In the morning, rinse each egg off and peel.  You should have a very cool design on each hard-boiled egg. 
Dino Eggs

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Anonymous said...

I saw the eggs and thought those would have been fun for us since we are living in Portugal and can't get eggs light enough to color then I saw another post with a plate that looks just like mine and realized you are in Portugal too!

What a Dish! said...

Ha ha! Yes we are! And this is indeed a perfect way to color brown eggs. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Do you know why the plate with the Strawberry-Raspberry Freezer Jam has words misspelled on it like "chabe" instead of "chave"? My husband had to explain it to me. It is making fun of the pronunciation of the people in Northern Portugal. They switch their "b" and "v" sounds.