Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Breakfast Week: Yogurt Parfait

Breakfast Parfait
This one is a no-brainer, but I think still worth putting on here, in case someone needs a reminder of this idea for breakfast.  Everyone but one child loves this breakfast, and it's quick, easy and pretty nutritious.  I always have homemade granola on hand.  You can try "The Granola", NY Times Olive Oil Granola, Coconut Oil Granola, or this No-Oil Granola.  Make your granola ahead of time, like on the weekend, so you have it ready to go for busy school or work mornings. 

Right now, we're using frozen berries in our parfaits instead of fresh fruit.  They are so easy to just grab out of the freezer and throw in there.  They start thawing pretty fast, too.  They are also readily available (most of the time, where I live, anyway!), and pretty inexpensive compared to fresh. 
Breakfast Parfait
A note about yogurt: don't be afraid to use whole-milk, full-fat yogurt.  It's not scary, I promise.  In the States, one can get good tasting fat free Greek yogurts, which would be fine, but they don't even seem to make fat free yogurt in Europe.  The yogurt here is delicious, and I've been eating it for years with no ill effects.  :)  Plus, any fat free varieties tend to have way more sugar, to make up for the fact that they're losing flavor from fat.  Just promise me you won't use Yoplait!  Lol!  (I have a personal vendetta against Yoplait yogurts.  They gross me out.)  If you want to be virtuous, you can use plain yogurt, but we usually use honey or blackberry Greek yogurt.  Other good flavors are raspberry and vanilla bean. 

(The yogurt in the US used to be seriously lacking, but I've noticed in my last 2 visits that they have some awesome yogurts now!  Greek, full fat, exciting new flavors, etc.  I'm happy about Stateside yogurt now.  Finally, they have something besides crappy ol' Yoplait. :) )

Yogurt Parfait
by What a Dish!

For each serving:
1 single-serve container favorite yogurt
granola; however much you want
frozen berries to taste (blueberries & raspberries are good)

1.  Use a fun decorative container like a wine glass, pretty mason jar, or glass bowl.  We use wine glasses.  In the bottom of your glass, place half of the yogurt, followed with a layer of granola, followed by a layer of berries.  I like to do one layer raspberries; one layer blueberries.  Serve.  :)

PS:  I know this isn't really a recipe, more of a method, but I never measure this and there's no reason for you to, either! ;)
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