Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Virgin Belgium Orange Blossom
My husband planned a special Mother's Day meal for me and made it, all by himself, including shopping for ingredients.  (He does not cook often but often stresses that he CAN cook, lol!)  My daughter planned a Mother's Day cake and made it with the help of my husband.  It was an awesome day with great food!!  The drink above is a Virgin Belgian Orange Blossom.  It was very good and the kids loved it too.
Cashed Crusted Chicken & Parm-Roasted Asparagus
In the pic above is the Cashew Chicken and Parmesan-Roasted Asparagus that was the main dish.  He also made both white and forbidden black rice to go with it.  It was all very good, went very well together, and it was the first time we've tried the black rice, although I bought it a while ago.  Here is the recipe for the Cashew Chicken.  
Mother's Day Cake 2013
Above is the special Mother's Day cake my daughter and husband made.  I made this back in 2007 and blogged about it a few years ago.  My daughter looked up a chocolate frosting recipe on my blog and used this cream cheese one.  

Later in the day, we snacked on chips with Pico de Gallo my husband had made earlier.  It was definitely a day filled with deliciousness.  Happy late Mother's Day to everyone!

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