Monday, June 10, 2013

Cream Cheese, Bacon & Egg Sandwich

Portuguese Sandwich
Recently at our favorite little Portuguese cafe here, we happened to be there when some friends of ours were also there, eating.  They had these sandwiches that looked really good so I asked the waitress if I could have what they were having.  There was cream cheese mixed with bacon pieces, hard-boiled eggs, onions, and lettuce on a baguette.  Oh yeah, it had corn kernels on it too, but I chose to leave those off of mine when I made it at home.  :)  The combo sounds weird but it is really delicious!  
Portuguese Sandwich
Cream Cheese, Bacon & Egg Sandwich
by What a Dish!
One serving

1 baguette roll
2 tablespoons softened cream cheese or spreadable cream cheese
1 tablespoon real bacon bits
1 hard-boiled egg, peeled and sliced
thinly sliced onion (red, yellow or white)
lettuce leaves

1.  Slice baguette in half.  In a small bowl, combine cream cheese with bacon bits.  Spread on bottom of baguette.  Top with slices of hard boiled egg, onion, and lettuce leaves.  Close sandwich and enjoy.  :)
Portuguese Sandwich
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