Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goosenecks State Park & Mexican Hat, Utah


We took a trip over to Monument Valley last week, but first, we stopped at Mexican Hat, Utah, where our hotel was, and took a little evening trip to Goosenecks State Park and then to Natural Bridges National Monument.    I'll post about Monument Valley later.  Above is Goosenecks.  It's a very short drive from Mexican Hat and it doesn't take long to see it at all; it's just a little drive and a lookout.
The photo above is of a road called Moki Dugway; tight switchbacks that go right up a cliffside near Mexican Hat and Valley of the Gods.  We drove up here to get to Natural Bridges.  I used to live in Monument Valley as a child; attended school in Mexican Hat, and I remember driving up Moki Dugway with my fam a few times.  We used to get Christmas trees up there.  On top of the cliff is actually a forest!  

The next two photos, below, were taken in Natural Bridges.  We did get pics of all three bridges, but I liked these pics of the park better; first, a dead tree, and the second one is a flower called Indian Paintbrush, or just Paintbrush, depending on which park you are in.

Pictured below is the famous rock formation that gives Mexican Hat its name.  The pic below that is of the San Juan river, which is right next to Mexican Hat.

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