Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12 Days of Christmas- Azores Style

Yesterday we had a family "12 Days of Christmas, Azores-Style" scavenger hunt.  It was very fun, and took all day.  We didn't tell the kids about it until it started, and started the day at our favorite Pastelaria/Cafe for breakfast (where we also photographed the Pasteis de Nata). Anyway, the video we made is above, but I'll post the individual pics below.  Merry Christmas!
12. Cows a Walking
Twelve cows a' walking.

11 Ducks a Quacking
Eleven ducks a' quacking.

10 Boats a Floating
Ten boats in the Marina.

09 Pateis Natas
Nine Pasteis de Nata.

08 Spirit Houses
Eight Spirit Houses.

07 Miradouros
Seven Miradouros (lookouts/ viewpoints)

06 Deer a Feeding
Six Deer a' Feeding.

05 Kinder Eggs
Five Kinder Eggs! (Da dum dum)

04 Swimming Holes
Four Swimming Holes

03 Cathedrals
Three Cathedrals

02 Abandoned Houses
Two Abandoned Houses

01 A Portuguese Flag to See
And a Portuguese Flag to see!

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