Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Around Town

Pepper Steak- Marcelino's
Recently, my husband and I went out to the "big city" here on two separate occasions for a date.  One was on my birthday, and the other was the anniversary of our first date.  The pictures here are from those two days.  The steak above is a new place we tried because our favorite restaurant closed down.  :(  But this new place was very good!  We loved it.  I was so busy stuffing my face; I didn't even remember to take a pic until it was half-gone.
Fave restaurant gone :(
Our old fave restaurant; all closed up and gone.  :(
We walked around the city for a little bit and saw some interesting things.  We've already seen most of the interesting things on this tiny island (ha ha), which I mention in this old post, but we saw some new things this time.  Such as this graffiti art.  We caught a glimpse of it first, and then got closer for a better look.  (Two pics below- click on pics to enlarge.)
Graphiti Wall Art- Glimpse

Graphiti Wall Art
And of course, the marina with all the boats is always a beautiful, peaceful sight.
I don't recall ever seeing these red mail boxes before here, but maybe I have.  Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool.  There's a lot to be seen on this tiny island, full of history, cool architecture, and hidden little gems.
Mail box!
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