Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A friend had a baby shower last week, and I made these for it.  They are from the Hello, Cupcake! books (I have both, and I forgot which one, lol).  I think these were mostly eaten by the kids at the shower, but oh well.  Just take off the Nilla Wafer and you've got a delicious cupcake underneath!  
I opted for a simple version of these; no dipping nillas in melted frosting.  I just put the faces right onto the "naked" cookie.  The mouth is frosting, the eyes are nutella, and the dark hair is Nutella.  The pink noses are large sprinkles, and the brown noses (haha) are chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.  The yellow hair is also frosting.  You stick the faces onto a frosted, mini cupcake.  Pretty easy.  For any piping (Nutella, frosting), I just cut a tiny bit off of the corner of a ziplock snack-sized bag.  
A few days before the shower, a friend came over and we made lumpia together (to be fried right before the party), and then this diaper cake, below.  She did all the hard work; all I did was hold the diapers together occasionally while my baby climbed onto her lap and wouldn't leave her alone, while she was trying to work, because he loves her.  
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