Friday, February 14, 2014

Easy Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

I LOVE this frozen yogurt.  It's so incredibly easy, and just delicious, and only three ingredients.  This is so much better than any store-bought stuff with all the weird ingredients.  I made this twice in one week.  My kids loved it too.  We topped it off with strawberry mochi from SO GOOD!!!  (I love their mochi!  It's deliciously soft.)  (PS: Happy Valentine's Day; we're having chocolate lava cakes later but it will be too dark to take pics.  So I'm posting this delicious fro-yo... I said fro-yo again!)
This is a David Lebovitz recipe, and you know any frozen treat from his has got to be good.  I have his ice cream book and love it; I've made quite a few recipes from there.  This one is as easy as mixing up 3 cups of whole milk yogurt (I used Greek whole milk yogurt), adding some sugar, and vanilla.  To give this one a little extra boost, I also added the seeds from one vanilla bean.  You just stir it together, stick it in the fridge for an hour, and then pour into your ice cream maker.  
For any local readers, three cups of yogurt is 5, 150 gram containers of the good, German-made, Greek yogurt we can get here (lol!).  So it's 750 grams (or 3 cups) of yogurt total.  (The one I used is pictured below; that is good stuff to use for this if you can get it!)
Easy Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
adapted from David Lebovitz

3 cups (about 750 grams) plain Greek yogurt (I used full-fat)
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean, scraped, optional

1.  Stir together the yogurt, sugar, vanilla, and optional vanilla bean seeds.  Stir until sugar is fully dissolved.  Refrigerate for one hour.

2.  Freeze in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.  I love this ice cream "soft-serve", or right out of the ice cream maker.  If frozen, let it soften a bit before serving, or it will kind of chip out.  
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Debbie Carter said...

I have the perfect scoop book, too, and love it. I will try this recipe soon. Looks good!

What a Dish! said...

Did you make homemade ice cream for Valentine's Day? I love his book too!