Sunday, April 6, 2014

More School Lunch Ideas

I wanted to quickly post a few more school lunch ideas.  These are some lunches my kids enjoy in their Easy Lunchboxes.  (Find them on Amazon; we love them.)  Pictured above: ham and cheese on a small pretzel roll; peeled clementine, treat.  Like I've said before, add anything your kids will eat.  If I include more food than pictured, it usually doesn't get eaten, because the kids don't have a ton of time to eat lunch.  You can add any kinds of fruits or veggies you want, leftovers, whatever.  Be creative.  For an easy, re-usable ice pack, wet a brand-new sponge and stick it inside a ziplock bag; freeze.  
Triscuits & colby-jack cheese, fresh broccoli and homemade ranch dip (in mini container with lid); treat.
Triscuits and mini banana (local!), peeled clementine, treat.  (Juice box, doesn't actually fit in easy lunchbox, lol.)
Greek yogurt with homemade granola (in mini container with lid), grapes, treat.
Two cheese sandwiches on slider rolls, ham, peeled clementine, cashews, and two Golden Oreos.

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