Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spotlight: Portuguese Olive Oil

Before living here in the Azores, I'd never really thought of Portuguese olive oil much.  I spent many of my growing-up years in Andalucia, Spain, where, if we were taking a trip to or past Sevilla, you could smell the intense fruitness of the olive oil factories from miles away, and I loved it.  Olive oil was everywhere, and it was part of the way of life.  So of course, we always used prized Spanish olive oil there.  
Upon moving here, I was delighted to see the expansive aisle of olive oil in the grocery store here.  For such a small place, there is a great selection of olive oil.  I don't have a pic of the olive oil aisle, because I've heard that stores get mad if you take pics here.  I only have pics of two of the many, many, many bottles of Portuguese olive oil I've gone through in my 6 years of living here.  I'd always try to get a different kind of olive oil each time I bought it; within brands, there are tons of different kinds, even, and it was fun trying so many.  (I wish I had pics of more of the bottles; some are so pretty!  If, going through all my old pics, I find more photos of olive oil bottles, I will add them here.)
I know the Italian olive oil is something to look forward to, and I am, but I've really enjoyed getting acquainted with your olive oils, Portugal.  :)  Gallo's Website (One of the biggest Portuguese brands.)  This olive oil all comes from mainland Portugal, as far as I know; not sure if any of the Azores islands produce their own olive oil.  PS:  If you're looking for ways to use olive oil, just search "olive oil" in my search bar up there on the left.
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