Thursday, July 3, 2014

Italy! (Food Pics)

We're really enjoying Italy so far.  We arrived about a week and a half ago. We haven't eaten out at very many restaurants, but we've been to a few, and some food stands, and a very nice and huge grocery store. I'll just share some pics of the food we've eaten here, and of food in the grocery stores.  Above is actually leftovers from a very good restaurant we went to on our second day.  We got appys, 1st and 2nd course.  The leftovers are of the 2nd course and veggie sides.  Grilled salmon, swordfish, grilled veggies, and roasted potatoes.  It was sooo good!!  
These are grocery store pastries, but they were unbelievably good!!  I disagree with buying doughnuts in Europe, but my fam doesn't. There are so many other pastries; why choose doughnuts??!!  Lol.  

The previous 4 pics was part of dinner last night; fried calamari, my Quattro Formaggi pizza (my daughter ordered the same), my husband's pizza with raw prosciutto, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and tomatoes, and some of our drinks.  I love the tall skinny soda cans here. The orange Fanta is quite different than Portuguese; it's not nearly as sweet and not as orange because they don't add any food coloring (not sure if Portugal does).  And they have lemon soda and some places have lemon Fanta here... I LOVE lemon soda and so do the kids now!!  
We took the kids out for their first gelato experience (my husband and I had already had some alone.. oops) and they loved it, of course.  I love how beautiful it all is. I got hazelnut (had pistachio before), my sons got Kinder Egg flavor, cookie flavor, and mango flavor.  My husband got Panna Cotta flavor.  
Italian flag Nutella for the World Cup!!!  Plus, mini nutella jars and Nutella to go.  Love it.  I don't love Nutella, but I think I may start to, living here, in its birthplace.  :)  My kids DO love it and have already gone through some of this huge jar, and all of another (small) one we got when we first got here.

The two pics above are of some young Asiago cheese we bought.  It was good; soft and mild.  It's made kind of close to us; in the mountain town of Asiago.  I can't wait to go.

Aisles and aisles of pasta!!  There are SO many kinds!!  These two pics are just the dry stuff; there are whole aisles of fresh refrigerated pasta and then another whole section just for fresh gnocchi.  We love pasta so we're in for a treat.  And I haven't had good gnocchi in such a long time!!  There are whole restaurants here just dedicated for gnocchi.  I think I'm in heaven.  :)
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LadyJayPee said...

I wonder if their Nutella has better ingredients than what is made here, like Nestle chocolate makes decent chocolate for Europe, but not here!

What a Dish! said...

Maybe, and there are some different brands I enjoy more, too.