Thursday, October 9, 2014

Local Food

Every Friday morning, my little town has a "Zero Kilometer" outdoor market, where local vendors to come to sell their produce, cheese, honey, meat, and bread. I think these vendors have to grow/make their products in a few-kilometer radius of my town to qualify to sell here.  I love it; it's so cute and quaint, and many people show up to buy things, socialize with each other, and let their toddlers play in the town square.  I've gone for the last two weeks, and my little boy loves it.  He likes buying the food, but most of all, he likes to play on the cute little play equipment on the town square.  We've tried getting gelato once, but he wasn't interested, so I'll take the bigger kids for that.
Cauliflower, apples, fresh pasta, honey, bread, cheese.
The macarons if the first pic are actually from a bakery in the town square, right behind where the outdoor market sets up.  So they are local, too.  :)  Besides the Friday market, there is a bigger market on Saturdays where vendors from farther away come, so there are 2-3 HUGE produce stands, 2 cheese stands, assorted meats/fish, clothing, shoes, etc.  There's a roast chicken stand which is hugely popular and sells delicious roast chicken, fries, and other prepared foods for a very good price.  We tried it last Saturday.  My little town also has 3 very well-stocked grocery stores. It's such a change from where I used to live!  I can get pretty much anything in my little town.  Plus, last Saturday we discovered a bunch more things that I will talk about later (bread bakery, a few delis, wine store, etc).
The two pics above are from my first trip to the Friday market.  I had this plate all set up to take a pic, and my little boy couldn't help swiping one of the apple slices.  My kids love the food from the market; every Friday they ask if I bought some bread that day.  (The market is only in the mornings.) I look forward to exploring the little stores in my town more.
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