Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas In Germany

We visited my parents in Germany for Christmas and New Year's.  It was nice to get away from life's daily stress and obligations here in Italy.  It snowed in Italy, in our town, while we were gone, but we got to enjoy some snow in Germany also.  The pic above is our the first snow we saw on our trip; driving through the Austrian Alps.  There was fresh snow, but the roads were nice and clear.  We pulled over and let the kids out for a 10-minute break to play in the snow.
My parents' Christmas tree with snow outside.
A German Christmas Market.
 My kids made this with my mom (their Oma).
 Our family made and wrapped our yearly caramels.
My mom made these German Cinnamon Stars with one of my sons.
Snow at my parents' house.  The kids played for hours in this, every day it was there.

We got Curry Wurst and fries on the way back to Italy, at another Bobby and Fritz at the gas station. :)
We saw skiing on the drive home to Italy; in the Austrian Alps.  We drove by this and they were skiing right next to the road.  

We had a great trip and relaxed the whole time.  We took naps and just lazed around.  We had New Year's there too, with a ton of food and some fun games.  I wasn't homesick at all while we were gone, but it did feel good to get back to our house after two weeks.  :)

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Debbie Carter said...

Beautiful! It looks like you had a great time!