Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring in Italy

I'm so excited to experience spring here.  There are tons of blossoming trees everywhere, daffodils on the side of the roads in town, and in my own yard, there are flowers and blossoms everywhere.  These pics are all from my yard.  There's also a rogue chicken and rooster couple hanging out in my yard. They moved in about two weeks ago and haven't left since.  It's fun to chase them around the yard. Anyway, lots of pics to follow!

These daffodils were mad at me; kept their faces away and facing down.

Hydrangeas leaves budding!  Yay, I can reminisce about the Azores.  

What are these? (above)
Yay, strawberry plants!!
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Rossi Writes said...

Beautiful photos! I loved the story about the stray rooster and hen! :)
Enjoy spring!,