Monday, September 14, 2015

Neah Bay & Cape Flattery, WA

The last place I'll blog about from our summer trip is our day trip to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery in Washington State.  Cape Flattery is the farthest Northwestern point in the continental US.  Neah Bay is the town nearby on the Makah Indian Reservation.  The smoked salmon above is from a place in Neah Bay; the Take-Home Fish Company.  It is SOOOO good!  Best smoked salmon ever.  I'll post more pics in a minute.

The three pics above are taken from our drive up to Neah Bay from Sequim, WA.  There were SO many gorgeous beaches on the side of the road; we stopped a few times on the way there, and a few times on the way back to get out, play on the beach for a short time, and take photos.  The mountains you can see in the background of the 1st two pics are Vancouver Island, Canada! The pic below is Neah Bay.

 Above is the little trailer the delicious smoked salmon is sold out of.  Best salmon of your life!!!
The guy's sign outside the trailer.  We didn't call before we went, but since it's unpredictable, if you're planning on going, I would try calling that number on the fish tail. Sometimes he's out of salmon or doesn't have any salmon available to smoke.  We were so lucky to score not only some hot fresh salmon, but some cold, vacuum packed stuff to take home.  The whole fam LOVED it.  BTW, this place isn't on Tripadvisor (and they wouldn't let me add it; I tried!)  It does have a few great reviews on Yelp, though.
Where the magic happens.  For reals.
 Cape Flatter trail head.  Quite an easy and beautiful trail.  Below, first view of Cape Flattery.
 Below, another view off Cape Flattery.  Tatoosh Island.
 One more view of Cape Flattery.  We loved this part of the world!  We have great memories from the Summer of 2015.
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