Monday, September 28, 2015

Radovljica, Slovenia

After our trip to Lake Bled, we stopped at the little town of Radovljica, Slovenia.  It's close to Lake Bled, and our B&B hosts recommended a gingerbread factory/restaurant there in the old part of town. We loved walking through the old part of town; it was so picturesque and not crowded with tourists at all.  This would be a great town to stay in for a Lake Bled trip.
We ate at the gingerbread factory (also a huge restaurant) before seeing the actual factory.  The place is called Gostilna Lectar.  It's also a hotel.
My husband and I ordered traditional Slovenian food.  (Our kids got stuff like turkey cutlets and pasta, lol).  My food is pictured above, and it's a beef goulash with dumplings.  It was good, and very hearty.  Perfect winter food.  :)  My husband got the rabbit stew, pictured below, and it came in a type of crisp eggy, edible bowl.
During the meal, we were serenaded by some traditional music (pic below).  It was very lively; my 4-year old was dancing in his seat.  
The gingerbread factory is in the basement.  There were two ladies down there baking and icing the gingerbread cookies.  They were very small and delicate designs.  This building is a few hundred years old.  Almost 500 years!  They make the dough down here, bake it in those tiny white ovens, frost, and package the gingerbread.  These cookies are a drier variety.

 After dinner we took a short stroll around town.  Above, pic of a nice viewpoint.  Below, some tunnels underneath the old part of town.  These tunnels were so cool!  They're the city's old moats. Some of them go under houses (last picture).

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Debbie Carter said...

I want to go to Slovenia after seeing your photos. Beautiful!

What a Dish! said...

Thanks! You should, it's lovely. And everyone speaks English!

Debbie Carter said...

English speaking...another bonus!