Monday, October 12, 2015

Fair in Grisignano

Back in September, we went to a huge fair they have in this area.  It's kind of like a state or county fair in the States (although I'm not all that familiar with those, but that's what I hear).  There's kilometers of booths set up in the streets of the town of Grisignano.  Hot food booths, and selling everything from olives to brooms, computers and outdoor fireplaces, hot tubs, etc.  We mostly went for the food, though.  Our neighbors told us we must try this special risotto made with red wine.  We did, and it was so delicious.  We also got a panino porchetta, or pork sandwich made with special Tuscan-style roast pork.  That was only ok though, so no pic.  :)  The pic above is the guy stirring the risotto.  (We did ask to take his pic, but he was in charge of a serious job, I guess.)  

The risotto was super popular, obviously.  We sat next to a family with a child who was so anxious to dig in, he burnt his tongue on the very hot risotto.  

Some of the other food for sale were Cannoli and other Sicilian pastries, dried fruits (everywhere!) but most exciting was this olive guy.  He had so many different kinds, and lot I had never seen before.  Some HUGE green olives.  (Top pic).  We got some mixed olives but they've been pushed to the back of the fridge.  I need to eat them!  

I bought a tangine there, so I need to make Tangine from Morocco.  Other than that we just walked around and enjoyed the experience.  They had a lot of rides too, but we didn't partake.  

PS:  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!  We celebrated with roast chicken and mashed potatoes (with gravy!)  No pics because my plate was too "beige".  Lol.  
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