Monday, October 5, 2015

Festa Della Zucca (Pumpkin Festival)

We went to the pumpkin festival a few weeks ago.  They really love pumpkins and pumpkin foods here in the fall, and it was a great opportunity to try some of the local foods featuring pumpkin.  I had pumpkin gnocchi, of course, and it was amazingly delicious.  My husband had a pumpkin filled pasta, and it was good, but a little too sweet.  My pumpkin gnocchi was flavored with sage butter, and my husband's had two sauces; one sage butter and one tomato and sausage.

There were helpful instructions posted for newcomers to Sagras, or festivals, in Italy.  This is how you get your food (English and Italian!).

The "order form", above.  So many choices!  It's always hard to choose.  They always have fries for those who don't like the good stuff.
Sweet, fried pumpkin flowers.  They were battered and covered in sugar.  I've never had sweet ones before!
This pumpkin cheesecake was so good- SO light and fluffy. Not heavy at all.  I loved it.
This man was sculpting different kinds of squash.  It was pretty cool to watch him work.  See his handiwork, on the left.
Advertising what kind of food was available.  Like I said, so many choices!  I always want them all.  :)
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