Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thermal Pools & Features of Yellowstone

I'm finally posting pics from our Yellowstone trip we took last summer!  (2017)  I have so many pics, I'm dividing them into two parts.  This first part will be thermal pools and other thermal features.  Later, I'll post landscape, etc pics.  I don't know the name or area of every feature, but if I do, I'll caption below the photo.  We were in Yellowstone almost a week in July 2017 and we saw SO much!!  So much more than we've ever seen before.  We hiked off the beaten path, drove everywhere, and really got out and explored.  We also went in 2010, but were only there for 2 days and our kids were so small back then.  (Harder to hike, etc.)

 Morning Glory Pool, above

 Grand Prasmatic Spring, seen from overlook (pic above)

Old Faithful, above

Mammoth Hot Springs

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Beautiful pics!!!