Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prato do Dia

Last week, my husband and I went on a date during the day to explore a nearby town.  Going out during the day is much more fun for us than going out at night; there's more to see and do.  After trekking around and seeing the sights, we stopped at a seaside restaurant for lunch.  We decided to try their plate of the day, or "Prato do Dia".  These plates of the day are available at every restaurant here, every day.  They're always something different, and they are so much cheaper than ordering off the menu.  Plus, you get soup, bread, the main meal, and a drink all for a low price.  Long live the Prato do dia!!! 

The Prato do dia at this restaurant was a pork and mushroom dish that was cooked in what tasted like a wine sauce.  It was very rich and flavorful.  On the side were the typical double Portuguese carbs: white rice and potatoes.  The potatoes were good- tiny, baby potatoes, peeled and fried. 

Before they brought out the main dish, they served  Pao (bread) and Sopa de Legumes (vegetable soup), containing cabbage, kale, onions and carrots.  I love the oil/vinegar containers at the restaurants here.  I took a pic of the one on our table... with the ocean behind it. 

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